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Star Peer Tutoring ProgrammeThe STAR (Science/Technology Awareness Raising) Programme was established in 1994 through a partnership between BP Australia, Murdoch University and schools in Western Australia. Volunteer tutor/mentors (predominately university undergraduates) offer academic support and advice to school students.
Online Mentoring – CfOD Local Government Peer Support ProgramVisit the Local Government section of the Centre for Organisation Development website to discover how an award-winning e-learning application has been adapted to facilitate sector-wide peer support and mentoring for Victorian Local Government. An on-screen tour demonstrates how the application allows for automated matching of mentor and mentee, formulates the mentoring agreement and provides staged email templates throughout the process for timely communication. This online facility is ideal for organisations with offices in different locations that want to implement an across-the-organisation coaching culture or to augment and streamline existing mentoring programs.
Tutor/Mentor Leadership ConferenceThis web site provides information about a November and May series of Tutor/Mentor Leadership Conferences held in Chicago each year. The conferences are intended to help any tutor/mentor organization build skills, obtain ideas and generate networking opportunities that can help a program build operating capacity. It is also intended to help community groups generate ideas to start new programs to fill voids. And it is intended for volunteers who are tutors/mentors and are looking for more ideas on helping the youth they mentor. Finally, the conference is targeted at businesses who support school-to-work, mentoring-to-careers, or other forms of workforce development. The conference seeks to bring together non profits and business groups to help them form long-term strategic alliances that mentor more youth to careers.
Big Brother/Big Sister Program, YWCAThe Big Brother/Big Sister Program, and the One2One programs are mentoring programs targeting young people.
Research on mentoring in schoolsThe Mentoring in Schools by Members of the Community report to DETYA, by Judith MacCallum and Susan Beltman of Murdoch University, identifies models of good practice of mentoring in school settings. The report looks at issues associated with the implementation of mentoring programs in school settings and key recommendations for consideration by Australian schools and education systems.
Dusseldorp Skills ForumThe Dusseldorp Skills Forum (DSF) is an independent, not for profit body with a mission to achieve changes needed to enable all Australians to reach their potential. In particular, the Forum works co-operatively with communities, industry, government and non-government organisations to generate ideas, research, tools and information which will improve the learning and work transitions of young Australians. It finances its own work.
Plan-it YouthThis site was established by the Dusseldorp Skills Forum and is designed to assist in the development of a Plan-it Youth program in your region by offering materials and feedback from various Plan-it Youth programs currently in operation.
The Growth ConnectionThe Growth Connection is a Sydney based consultancy specialising in mentoring. The site contains newsletters, mentoring links, discussion papers, and a Live Case Study of a mentoring program involving nearly 2000 employees in a public sector organisation.
Cairns Youth Mentoring SchemeCYMS is a community based mentoring programme targeting all young people in the Cairns community aged between 12 and 21 years, who feel they have a need in regard to work, school or personal issues. Our mentoring relationship is based on encouraging and supporting the young person by way of a friendship. Pairs are matched according to gender, location and interest or personality. Each cohort is encouraged to work on an activity together to promote time management, goal setting and to have a purpose for coming together for the minimum of 2 hours per fortnight.
Uni Mentor Scheme, UWAThe Uni Mentor Scheme at The University of Western Australia offers mentors to first years to ease their transition to University. In 2000, the scheme attracted 700 first years and 500 mentors.
National Mentoring PartnershipThe National Mentoring Partnership is an advocate for the expansion of mentoring and a resource for mentors and mentoring initiatives nationwide
The Mentoring PartnershipThe Mentoring Partnership is an advocate for the expansion of mentoring and a resource for mentors and mentoring initiatives. Twin Cities One to One promotes mentoring relationships by recruiting adult mentors from the seven county metro area, and provides technical assistance and training support for mentors and mentor programs.
Mentoring Leadership & Resource NetworkMLRN is a grass roots effort started by a few educators and supported, in part as a network of the ASCD. Over the past 6 years MLRN has grown to become a international initiative.
Tutor Mentor ConnectionThe Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC) is about kids. It’s about mentor-rich programs where kids can connect with adults, learn skills, be safe, and find the support to help them climb the ladder to a career.
Tutor/Mentor ExchangeThis web site hosts an on-line documentation system where leaders can document actions taken to build a network of tutor/mentor programs in Chicago and other cities. The site also has links to tutor/mentor resources, discussion forums and unique computer generated maps that show where mentor programs are most needed in Chicago along with contact information for programs that operate in those areas.
Australian Women’s Mentoring NetworkThe AWMN is a nationwide women’s mentoring network for career development and work/life balance. Mentors and mentees can register online, which enables mentees to conduct searches for and contact potential mentors. The AWMN offers a consultancy service if you would like us to find you a mentor. The AWMN also offers solutions for non-profit organisations and companies who would like to establish their own mentoring network, which is particularly useful if groups or offices are geographically dispersed. In addition, we conduct mentoring events, can organise training, and have numerous resources on mentoring, career development and work/life balance.
Bulletin Feature ArticleRead the feature in the Bulletin Magazine about the Central Coast Mentoring Program, Plan-it Youth [June 2001].
Youth Arts Mentoring ProgramThe Youth Arts Mentoring Program assists Queensland’s young, emerging artsworkers (aged 18 to 25) in developing and establishing a professional career.
James Cook UniversityThe Student Mentor Program at James Cook University Townsville and Cairns offers support to all new students on campus, by continuing students. The Mentors offer support during Orientation Week and also make contact in Weeks 3, 6 and 9 of the semester.
In2Life Inc.In2Life Inc. (connecting youth and community) believes that true fulfillment is only found through reconciliation with self, family community and God. In2Life is committed to assisting adolescents’ safe transition from childhood to adulthood. RUSH (Reducing yoUth Self Harm), the mentoring program of In2Life is based in the local community for the benefit of the whole community. It is a holistic approach to providing support services to young people who have found life difficult and their choice factor relatively unsuccessful. Harm minimisation is a risk management initiative in the early prevention of suicide and other related behaviours. RUSH is an early intervention program that seeks to prevent and reduce the number of youth who are at-risk. The program provides support services to address risk factors that include suicide, homelessness, depression, self harm, alcohol and drug abuse and leaving school early.See the web site for more info.
Telementoring Programs (US)A great list of links to ONLINE mentoring programs (AKA telementoring) in the United States. To start with why not investigate the “”Hewlett Packard E-mail Mentor Program”” which links Hewlett Packard employees with students to assist them with maths and science learning.
SCISCO Career PathwaysSCISCO Career Pathways is an innovative organisation based on the Gold Coast that coordinates mentoring programs, JPP, workplace learning and other career development activities for 14-19 year olds.
Role Models for Young PeopleThis is the report of a project examining role model programs in Australia and overseas to identify the key elements of effective role model programs. The report was commissioned by the National Youth Affairs Research Scheme and has been published by the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies.
Coaching Resource Centre -Coach Training SchoolAustralian based global coach training institution headed by Dr. Suzanne Skiffington (recogized as one of the world’s leading coach educators). The private school provides short-term professional development certification courses for qualified persons looking to establish coaching and mentoring programs.
Typo Station: Youth Opportunity ProgramTypo Station is a 4 week youth opportunity program for 14 to 17 year old young men who are experiencing difficulties at school and at home. Typo offers 2 years ongoing mentoring following completion of the program
Willing and Able Mentoring (WAM) ProgramWilling and Able Mentoring (WAM) Program assists people who have a disability throughout Australia reduce the disadvantage they often confront in gaining career opportunities by providing the person who has a disability with a mentor in the career area that persion is aspiring towards. Originally aimed at tertiary students who have a disability, WAM is now being offered to graduates and other job-seekers who have a disability, and has plans to offer successful WAM mentees who are over 18 the opportunity to go on and mentor a secondary school student who has a disability.
The Oztry Foundation Inc.Oztry Foundation promotes the Why Try social & emotional life skills program, that is unique, multisensory ( visuals, music, physical activities )and user-friendly. Students and teachers like the strength based practice, and solution focussed cognitive behavioral approach. Application of the 20 hour program is flexible. Facilitators Certification ( 2 days ) is required. Parterships with schools, youth agencies and community based organisations like Rotary are encouraged.
Jewish CareJewish Care runs a Big Brother/Big Sister Program for the Jewish Community in Sydney as well as other programs which fit under child and family services, ageing and disability.
Natural Partners AustraliaSpecializes in assisting the Corporate and government sector to engage Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and South Sea Islander people in employment including recruitment and mentoring, training and community development, governance and mentoring in communities.
Connect for Kids & Young People, Concepts Psychological Consultants‘Connect for Kids & Young People’ is a preventive program aimed at providing children and young people with a sense of belonging and self worth through the experience of a friendship with an adult mentor. The mentoring program targets disadvantaged children and young people aged 5-17 years. The mentor’s role is to spend time with the young person, talk to them about day-to-day issues and do fun activities together.
Youth Empowerment SeminarsResources, ideas and information on youth mentoring, Teacher-mentoring, Peer Mentoring.
e-Mentoring Australiae-Mentor pro is a specialised e-mailing utility, which provides a highly secure method for school children to develop a fixed term mentoring e-mail relationship with a range of volunteer adults in the community. Once introduced, the relationship can quickly develop into a questioning, sharing one to one exchange. Students feel they have a non judgemental friend, with whom they are able to confide in. Ask those difficult: “would I be able to?” “how do I?” or “can I?” questions. With over 14,000 emails exchanged to date. This is a proven solution.
business mentors R usbusiness mentors R us specialises in corporate and senior executive mentoring programs and mentoring training. We provide Mentors to senior executives – male and female, minority groups – including culturally diverse and indigenous people, and business owners on a one-on-one basis. We assist corporations to introduce, implement, conduct and evaluate in-house mentoring programs and we train Mentors and Mentees.
Life Skills CurriculumLife Skills Programs using Cognitive Therapy to reduce recidivism
Student Career Development, Victoria UniversityCareer Bridge Mentoring Program matches students with industry professionals to facilitate career exploration and transition from study to work. We are always seeking professionals to participate in the 12 week program.
School Volunteer Program Inc.This website gives you details of a very successful ‘school-based’ mentoring program that runs successfully in Western Australia and now nationally throughout Australia. This program is to assist school students from years K-12 and involves volunteers from across all sectors of the community ranging in age from 16 to 92.
Creative Youth InitiativesCreative Youth Initiatives was established by Mission Australia in 1993 as a way of engaging homeless and at risk youth in creative expression as a tool for change. Young people aged 16-25 are offered creative opportunities to express themselves through music, art and photography in an attempt to boost self esteem and reclaim a sense of self worth. This has proved to be a positive and successful response to the complex needs and issues these young people face.
Amazing ResultsAmazing Results Business Mentoring is action and results-focused. Our business mentoring services are exclusively offered to the CEO, Managing Director or General Manager who has end-to-end business unit and leadership responsibility. Our high calibre team of Business Mentors, work closely and confidentially with our clients to improve profits, business performance, with a focus on leadership and personal development. Amazing Results Business Mentors are some of Australia’s foremost talented leaders, focused on action, helping to solve specific business issues and helping our clients to achieve defined business goals.
Mentor and Leadership Program – Central Queensland UniversityThe Student Mentor & Leadership Program assists new students to quickly feel at home at CQU and to provide support during their first year of tertiary studies. The aim of the program is to provide students with access to vital information in a more efficient and effective manner, smooth the transition to university life and foster a sense of belonging. We have 240 on campus mentor on seven campuses and 80 off- campus mentors linked to over 2500 mentees.
YourLife Essential Skills CoachingProviding mentoring services to new graduates and women re-entering the workforce after time out
Community Connections NCThanks Dad Photos Competition. Thanking ALL men for positive times with our children and young people.
Child WiseChild Wise is a non-government charitable organisation that provides training, consultancy services and resources on building child safe organisations. “Choose With Care” is an innovative prevention program which aims to minimise the risk of child abuse occurring within voluntary and professional organisations working with children and young people.
KIDS HOPE AUS.KIDS HOPE AUS. is a domestic program of World Vision Australia. It is a national mentoring program for primary school children. Screened and trained mentors are matched one-to-one with children identified by teachers as needing additional support. Mentors meet with their children at the school for one hour per week for at least one academic year.
Grace Counselling and Allied ConsultingCounselling and mentor consultant
WISE EmploymentWISE Employment’s Make It Work Mentoring Program The Make It Work (MIW) Program aims to assist adult offenders on bail to successfully reintegrate into the community and workforce by providing early intervention, specialist vocational support and mentoring services. Through Make It Work, participants aim to reduce the risk of re-offending, increase their vocational participation, and increase self-esteem and confidence. The program, solely funded by WISE is unique to Victoria, combining mentoring and specialist employment support in one program for adult offenders. WISE Employment is a not for profit organisation with over 12 years experience providing employment services to members of some of our most marginalised communities. For further information on the Make It Work Mentoring Program, please contact Michael Dobric on 03 9372 1055 or visit
XLR8 Mentoring ProgramXLR8 Mentoring Program connects at risk youth, who are leaving protective care or linked to the Juvenile Justice system, with mentors in the community. The aim is to enhance young people’s pathways to life-skills, training, education and employment.
Aunties & UnclesAunties & Uncles provides adult volunteer mentors for children up to 13 years of age. The project operates in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area of NSW.
Tutor Finder in AustraliaTutor Finder is a free service that can put you in touch with many talented tutors who are available to assist and mentor you in a wide range of subjects including Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Musical Instruments, Foreign Languages, and Business Subjects.
Lifehouse ProjectYoung Parents Mentoring Program
Victoria UniversityThe Subject-based Mentoring Program is a group based, student to student program in which students who have been successful in a subject conduct self-help sessions for students new to the same subject. It is based on the principle that peer collaboration can aid learning, help create a sense of belonging and can aid student transition and retention. Student mentors are rewarded for their participation by academic credit.
Danpena’s Quantum Leap OrganizationDanpena’s Quantum Leap Organization
Information City Australia, Mentre ProgramMentre’s range of interactive courses will provide you with a range of sure-fire tools to become a more entrepreneurial and effective business leader. We offer three specialised courses which lead to real life outcomes. Another feature is access to our Mentre Network of industry and business professionals. Each member of the network has had at least 25 years industry experience as well as global knowledge, and provides personalised mentoring, coaching and support.
Big BuddyBig Buddy, mentoring fatherless boys in life long relationships.
The Peak Performance InstituteLearning institute specialising in helping people develop their full capability…in every aspecyt of their lives.
Managers & DirectorsManagers & Directors now provides you with access to a network of over 50 retired/semi-retired CEOs and Managing Directors nationwide. Some of our mentors are former directors of Australian blue-chip companies.
USQ Career MentoringCareer Mentoring program for undergraduate university students. Students are matched to professionals working in areas where the students would like to be once they graduate. Keen to recruit new mentors from all industries both recent graduates and seasoned veterans are welcome.
Square Peg CareersBoutique Career Consultancy, helping clients identity their career goals and develop effective strategies to achieve them. Coaching on identifying and approaching potential mentors to support career change or enhance career development.
Online mentoring training resources – TrainerActiveTrainerActive provides online mentoring training resources on-demand aimed at organisations, managers and trainers. Mentoring training activities include mentoring groups and individuals, giving feedback, mentoring styles and questioning techniques.
The Smith FamilyThe Smith Family is an independent Australian social enterprise with a distinct vision, mission, purpose and set of values. We facilitate a number of different mentoring programs for primary, secondary and tertiary students as well as students transitioning from school to the workplace.
Youth Mentoring NetworkThe Network is an initiative of the National Youth Mentoring Partnership which consists of four not-for profit organisations (The Smith Family, Dusseldorp Skills Forum, Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia and Job Futures) and the Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. The Youth Mentoring Network aims to work with interested youth mentoring organisations and practitioners to foster the growth and development of high quality mentoring programs for young people in Australia by providing a national base of collaboration, support, guidance and expertise.
INSPIRE Peer Mentor Program, Flinders University of South AustraliaThe INSPIRE Peer Mentor program at Flinders University collaborates with primary and secondary schools and alternative education programs to increase retention rates in the southern suburbs of Adelaide.
Victorian Local Government Peer Support ProgramVisit the Local Government section of the Centre for Organisation Development website to discover how an award-winning e-learning application has been adapted to facilitate sector-wide peer support and mentoring for Victorian Local Government. An on-screen tour demonstrates how the application allows for automated matching of mentor and mentee, formulates the mentoring agreement and provides staged email templates throughout the process for timely communication. This online facility is ideal for organisations with offices in different locations that want to implement an across-the-organisation coaching culture or to augment and streamline existing mentoring programs.
CHOOSE LIFE, LIFE COACHING!Make life a fun, positive and successful experience!
Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practice ( Inc)‘The First Global Conference on resilience development as opposed to working with deficits’ November 2006 India
Clarity In BusinessSpecialising in women, mentoring for business start ups and established small businesses,the mentoring structure gives you confidence and inspires you to stretch for your highest goals. Claire Hudson is herself an international businesswoman, with a passion for teaching. Clarity offers a range of short training programs as well as mentoring.